Servicing Wollongong & Sydney for 25+ years.

Internet and Networking

Server Maintenance - Cloud hosting

Company site to Cloud conversions or from Cloud back to Company site

Office IT care & maintenance


Peace of Mind Computing has excellent proven resources; we work with modern-thinking web developers to get your site in front of prospects with an outstanding conversions rate!

Line of Business Application Development

What do you really need? Let's start with a blank page, we will listen.


Line of business applications written for the web. Where thick Windows (desktops and / or Terminal Services) just don't cut it, we custom code a complete web system with SQL backends.


Tradition = Loyalty & Responsibility. Our underwritten services & support have helped our clients meet their chosen goals.


We write web sites, from the simple place holder page to big sites leading into membership with data collection, and shopping carts - wishlists etc..


This is a worry. Here is where amateurs can cost far more than professionals. Unfortunately when you get it wrong, it's all your fault.
Peace of Mind Computing's 10+ years of incident free operation indicates our responsible dedication to getting it right - all the time!

We maintain & service your in house systems

Whether we run your systems in our data centre or at your own premises, we have a plan to suit!