About Us

Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards.

nice to meet you!

With us looking after you, you can take off anywhere and know that we will take care of you while you are away.
Peace of Mind Computing began in 1986 in a dusty shed in Fairymeadow, and grew along with the earliest computing & networking while it grew into the massive and multi-disciplined business engine it is today.

We cleanup older workstations or supply & fit new to your specifications.

We design a network strategy & deploy it.

We will look after your IT system in your premises, or maintain it in the Cloud.

about us

In addition to our main address in Warilla NSW. Several years ago, because of Qld client needs, we opened a small premises in Fawkner Crescent, Barellan Point, Queensland  4306, mainly as a secure storage site along with a commercial vehicle to use when in town. Using this base, helps us service clients faster in this area without living out of an airline bag.

What we do

We can do a sample analysis of your IT system.
Technical writing; we can document your IT system
Business communication management made easy

Insurance claim work a speciality

Current Capacity

available for support

disaster won't give you an eta

Insurance work

A Specialty. Storms, power supply events, data loss, system hardware failure - we fix them!

Emergency office

Always available! We can reconstruct from the wreckage & get your team running for a short term period on our servers.
And help you populate your rebuilt premises' IT system.

Data migrations

We can help you make upgrade or change-over to a new line-of-business sotware.

Disaster recovery

If the worst happens, we can help you mitigate the risks, devise a PR plan to show consistency & stability to your suppliers and debtors.
And keep you trading & looking for more business!


Disaster recovery
Data Bureau