We offer the following services, please contact us to find a solution to suit your business.


Hosting makes sense.

Many businesses require complex and expensive hardware and software to run efficiently and productively. Infrastructure for networks, servers and workstations requires considerable capital investment. Upgrades and patches are common practice with todays technology requiring specialist staff to maintain these systems. All at a cost.

We offer a solution, host your applications on our servers. Other hosting services are available for email, websites and SQL data driven applications. We maintain the network while you get on with business.

Pricing is usually worked out on a monthly subsciption per user basis, a great Service Level Agreement can be workied out.

Contact us for more details and to arrange a meeting where we will listen.


We can & will work with you on your IT system for the long term. We have clients with a history with us of over 20 years.


Peace of Mind offers cutting edge business application development utilising Visual Dataflex, Joomla Content Management System and Crystal Reports to provide your business with a fully customised software suite through Microsoft Windows or over the web.

Custom development means that ALL of your business needs are met providing a streamlined set of tools to suit your industry as opposed to a one-size-fits-all off the shelf software package.


AN SLA can cement a good relationship rather than making it seem like a marriage (!) as it spells out exactly what is expected from both parties for the term of the agreement. It can be renewed or rewritten with an eye on changes that came along during the previous agreement's terms. A valuble SLA can help when a business is sold, if the situation changes for either party, as it can be revised in agreement with both.


Another Peace of Mind specialty! We work with you to conjure up an unused domain name - one that compliments your existing organisation's naming - and craft a mailserver, website & a workplace digital area for you.
Keep the hard work & daydreams your organisation has already built up - and drive it harder.


Peace of Mind Computing have over 30 years experience in data driven applications for small to large business enterprises. We offer our clients a one stop solution for IT requirements from hardware to application development and data storage.


From servers and desktops to peripherals and printers, Peace of Mind Computing has your business covered. We offer a full spectrum of IT hardware to suit all of your business's needs, large or small.

In addition to a full range of products we are able to offer the best prices around for quality hardware along with installation and maintenance. So whether buying new, used or leasing, try Peace of Mind for your next purchase.

IT Support in your premises

Workstation computers, servers, storage devices, networks, NBN, IP telephones and printers.
We attend breakdowns ASAP to keep everybody working.
After hours support for upgrades and equipment repair or replacement.
Experience in insurance brokerages, accountants, law offices, real estate offices and others.
Most line of business applications including WinBeat, Rockend products, QuickBooks & MYOB.